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Boost your GCC revenue with Cadena's Growth System


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local sales teams in KEY APAC countries

We have a conversation about your solution with local prospects that
know & like us.

Supported by Prospect Discovery Portal & AI-backed technology our locally-present motivated team is present across key APAC markets.

  • 1M+ APAC Prospects, easily accessible.
  • AI-driven Sales Tools: BuyBeacon™ & IntelliConnect™
  • Friendly, Local Language-speaking, Cross-functional Sales Teams
We are determined to grow, supported by our solid established business model and best-in-class products, service and people. We are aware of our responsibilities and ensure operating with a clear sense of purpose with full compliance. As emerging market leaders, we also understand our responsibilities and remain committed to enabling a industry-promotive ecosystem across our regions of presence, to the ultimate benefit of all stakeholders including our customers, employees, partners and investors.

H.E. Dr. Yusuf Al Hasan

connected to your prospects

Build One-on-One Curiosity

Human-to-Human contact is the basis of relationship building.
Let us do it with our local presence and friendly sales reps.

“In addition to a growing pipeline, our conversion rates have increased by 125% since we started working with Cadena.”
– Hisham S, Director Sales MEA
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CEO's Message

Sid Dhamija as CEO since 2020 is credited with spurring the company's rapid growth. His relevant background as a tech leader and dedication to building an incredible solution has helped make Cadena the leading provider of large enterprise-focused B2B business development & marketing solutions.

“Resulting from our client-focus and being genuinely good at what we do: we have come to be trusted by some of the largest private and most prominent public listed companies.

Over the past 3 years, we have added 100+ exceptional team members and generated over 250M USD in sales for clients, having also displayed ability to deliver successful GTMs in Americas and APAC markets.

In the next 3 years we plan to deliver an additional
USD 650M  in  booked contract value for our clients, further cementing our reputation as a value-driven, long-term partner offering  proven services, tools and data at accessible prices."

AI & Big Data powered prospecting.

Cadena seamlessly integrates its properitary Suggestive AI and
AI-driven Outbound  with the deep Prospect Discovery Portal.

Discovery Portal

Access 1M+ of Cadena's connections with enriched data such as verified phone numbers and business email IDs.

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BuyBeacon™  Intent takes the guesswork out of targeting. In doing so, we increase your ability to prospect the right people, at the right time — while they are in their buying windows.

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Meet IntelliConnect™, an always-on chatbot and agent-enabled chat client that makes conversational marketing easy.

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A unique combination for revenue growth

With Cadena's Growth System You'll have everything you need.


Accurate Data: The best way to validate the accuracy of a contact record is to actually use it. As APAC's sales firm, Cadena consumes 10s of thousands of records (emails, calls) annually.


Always Updating: Discovery Portal has you covered with rapid refresh of multiple sources and all forms of contact data ranging from firmographic to trigger event data.


No Worries: Cadena regularly cross-checks our mobile numbers with global Do Not Call lists. Emails are validated and tested. All data handling is consistent with B2B data best practices and country laws.  


Attractive Model: Discovery Portal will automatically query our B2B contact database for new matches or updates throughout the term of your subscription.


BuyBeacon™: Intent tool takes the guesswork out of targeting. In doing so, we increase your ability to prospect the right people, at the right time — while they are in their buying windows.


IntelliConnect™: An omnichannel outbound chatbot and agent-enabled chat client that makes conversational marketing easy. Leads can also book meetings directly with Calendly scheduling tool.


Next-Gen Prospecting : have a more precise view of in-market buyers across thousands of intent topics — Including the handful that will be most useful to your business.


Human-feeling: Targeted chat experiences by geography, page, time of day and/or Audience Targeted


Experienced & Friendly: Our Cross-funcional Teams are selected for experience, language-skills and proven sales experience.


Conversational vs Pitchy: We believe that human-to-human interaction in sales will always be present. We focus on that by having conversations with vs pitching to prospect.


KPI-centric & Fully equiped: Backed by the best in class outbound tools and our proprietary tech: we achieve KPIs week on week with consistent efficiency.


Your Sales Manager's Best Friends: Depending on specific case, we play the best supporting roles knowing when to exit the conversation, so your team can take over to the next stage.

Atul K.

Co-founder, eSourcing Portal

Cadena gives us us the option of being able to quickly deploy and re-deploy our sales strategy and directly meet senior prospects within the segment we are going after in GCC.

Salma Al H.

Director, Enterprise

It's an interesting hybrid solution for Fintech companies. We will continue with Cadena as our own regional presence and client-base grows.

Andrew W.

CEO, Logistics Tech

Cadena pays for itself 10 times over. They connected us with C-suite prospects which converted in signed contractswithin 3-7 months.

an ADCN Company



How do you price it?

Simply sign up and start using our portal. Use freely within the limits of the package.

Your own Local Sales Team is an enterpise feature and those prices are typically discussed over a virtual conversation with a Cadena expert.

Both are cheaper than a light pipeline and no new clients coming in the door or closing.

We are known as the low-cost, high quality option.

What kind of results can we expect?

Typically, our clients experience a large influx of high-quality conversations within 2-3 weeks of starting.

Within a month and a half or so, 40-50% of qualified funnel deals are sourced from Cadena.

Depending on the nature of the sales: our clients secure 3-5 right-sized deals within 3-6 months for enterprise deals (e.g SaaS software).

For more transactional sales targeted towards single POC sales in mid-sized companies (e.g. categories products on eCommerce website) this is translated to 7-10 new sources of regular transactions.

Examples of your past work?

You can check our our success stories here and the experience we have in various specialities.

What's your cancellation and pausing policy?

It's a subscription model so pause or cancel anytime by sending us an email. You won't be billed beyond the date your email was received and confirmed. No questions asked.

How does BuyBeacon™ help us?

Based on your company's products/solutions BuyBeacon™ suggests hyper-relevant accounts/prospects across the whole database who would have the budget, intention and may be in the market to buy.

Can we use our company's reps profiles?

Of course, yes! You can link their profiles to Cadena.

What is IntelliConnect™?

IntelliConnect™ is an AI-driven tool which reaches out to prospects across all chosen mediums with human-like messages and subsequently informing about your offerings. This gives you a huge Go-To-Market advantage of speed and scale. End result is a conversation set in your calendar with your chosen prospect.

Do you offer human support?

Yep, you'll have a Team Leader assigned to you available during APAC working hours and all AI-driven communications will be supported by a human on standby to come in and take over. We'll fill you in ;)

Can we set and forget?

Of course! That's the point. Once, you are convinced. Set and forget and start monitoring from the reporting tool.